You are at such an exciting time in your life.

Our Grandson, Nick, and his dog, Max.

Congratulations for recognizing the special qualities of an Australian Labradoodle.   We will consider your application now for our 2018 litters.   We initially accept deposits for each litter when that pregnancy is confirmed; wait to accept more deposits after the litters are born.

Tap here and copy our Screening Application or write to me for a copy via e-mail.

WINTER LITTERS: In December we carefully selected the perfect studs for two of our girls.  Both girls have had their pregnancies CONFIRMED.  We anticipating  having openings in these litters!!

Blue Opal’s Clare with her Guardian Family

Clare’s  pregnancy is confirmed!!!

We have accepted three deposits and anticipate that we will be able to accept a few more after her litter is  born. Clare’s due date is the second week in February.  If you would like to submit an application now and we will contact you when we learn the number of puppies available.  The anticipated “Take Home Date” for this litter is  mid-April.  See below for the sire, Tuscan Ridge’s Tanner.

Clare (ALAA#047388) is one of Gia’s daughters.  She has a super personality; is a medium at 22 lbs and measures 17″ tall .  Her coat is soft and wavy. Her color is “Parti”;  white with apricot accents, and she  carries for solid colors of apricot and caramel.


The Sire: Tanner (Tuscan Ridge D’Artagnan ALAA) is a medium black and white Parti with a wonderfully gentle, loving and laid-back personality.  His health tests results are excellent; and he is adorable.  He carries for chocolate cream and red.

We can’t wait to see the puppies he and Clare will bring us.




Blue Opal’s Sydney and Mr Goodbar’s Litter is due the first week of February. We are holding three deposits for this litter; and anticipate we may be able to accept a few more.

     Sydney (ALAA#035788) is such a bundle of love, and puppies from her previous litters  have brought joy to so many of our families.  Her coat is a wavy fleece. Apricot in color with cream markings in all the right places.  Size: Medium (18inches tall at shoulder); she is 35-38 lbs.

**If you are interested in one of Sydney’s puppies, please complete an application.  These applications will be held until  after Sydney’s puppies are born.  Her puppies are expected to weigh 30-35 lbs as adults; they will be ready to go home the first week of APRIL.

** We are also looking for one or two guardian homes for Sydney’s Puppies.  A  puppy may be retain as a possible “Future Moms”.  They, too, go to their homes at 8-9 weeks of age and are permently “pets” for the Guardian Families.  Guardian dogs returning to us to be bred, give birth and nurse their puppies (see link)**

Blue Opal’s Sydney was bred to Mr.Goodbar from Eden Valley Labradoodles. 

    Mr. Goodbar



Blue Opal’s Mackay  –  anticipated for Late Spring

“Snicker Doodle” Blue Opal MacKay

aka Snicker Doodle (ALAA#040256) measures 17 inches at her shoulders and is approximately 22-24 lbs.    Snicker can be spotted throughout Columbia, Maryland.  She is that beautiful chocolate Australian Labradoodle running on the trails with her guardian, and hanging out at the school bus-stop.  She is definitely a Blue Opal Girl; the perfect match of playful friend and cuddler. Her thick fleece coat is dark chocolate with soft curls. Snicker is a gentle, sweet girl who has given us super puppies in the past.    The  sire for her next litter will be determined at a later date.




Blue Opal’s Mollymook    –       Summer

Blue Opal's MollymookMolly” is one of Sydney’s girls.  She is so, so sweet we could not give her up; consequently, she is our family pet.   Due to her height (22 inches at her shoulders) she  is considered a Small Standard or Large Medium. Since she is always on our laps we are glad she only weighs 35lbs. We are considering breeding Molly when she comes into season next June or July.


 HEALTH TESTING:  All of the dogs (male and female) we use for breeding have passed rigorous DNA and health testing which meets or surpasses ALAA standards.   OFA x-Ray of Hips, Elbows, and  Knees. OFA Certified Exam of Thyroid, and Cardiac.  They are PRA and vW Clear with normal eye exams.

Great and current pictures are on our Facebook page:  “Blue Opal Australian Labradoodles of Maryland”

If you would like to RESERVE a puppy from one of our litters, Tap  Screening Application or write to me for a copy of the application  via e-mail

Throughout 2018 we may pick a few puppies from our litters to be future Blue Opal Moms.  These puppies go to their permanent Guardian Families at 9 weeks of age.  Full details and rewards of participation in our Guardian Program are described here:  our Guardian Program





 Blue Opalphoto (2)More Pictures from  Previous Litters


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More pictures, descriptions, and details will be entered as time passes;  please enjoy our Facebook Pages where our dogs are pictured with their families.

 We breed Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles.  We are proud to comply with all ALAA guidelines and have earned their Gold Paw Status.